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Medication Therapy Review

Feldman’s Medical Center Pharmacy offers Medication Therapy Review (MTR). This type of service is one of the five core components of Medication Therapy Management (MTM).

Medication Therapy Review (MTR) is a methodical way of gathering patient’s medical related information during the pharmacist-patient encounter. The goal is to recognize and give importance to the patient’s medication-related problems.

With the help of our pharmacist, we will assist every patient in an organized process of identifying medication problems. Because we want to provide you with the most excellent pharmacy experience, we guarantee a patient-centered approach and service. Our Medication Therapy Review (MTR) will be of great help to every patient with regard to their medications.

Please call us at 410-964-8444 or you can send us a message if you have inquiries about our Medication Therapy Review (MTR) service.